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Ground beef is economical, easy to cook, and totally keto-friendly! This list of mouthwatering Keto Ground Beef Recipes will keep the whole family satisfied.

Top down image of freshly baked Taco Pie with tomatoes, jalapeño, and avocado around it.

Ground beef is one of my go-to, and I firmly believe you should always have at least a few pounds of it socked away in your freezer. And if you’re like me, you stock up every time you see a sale.

But sometimes you get stuck in a rut, wondering what to make with it. Shake it up a little with this wonderful collection of keto ground beef recipes. From soups to casseroles to meatballs, there’s something for everyone!

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Is ground beef keto friendly?

Ground beef contains plenty of protein, some fat, and has no carbs, making it an ideal ingredient for keto recipes. It’s also a nutritional powerhouse, and has a wide array of vital nutrients such as iron, B vitamins, magnesium and potassium.

What kind of ground beef is best for keto?

Ground beef can come from a variety of cuts and with differing ratios of fat to protein. Ground chuck is often the most popular as it’s tender and juicy, and has 80% protein and 20% fat. It’s an excellent choice for those who want more fat in their keto diet. If you prefer less, choose 85/15 ground beef.

Should I drain ground beef on keto?

You can but you certainly don’t have to. Again, it depends on the macros you are aiming for on your keto diet. Many people

Top view of a stainless pan with browned italian sausage in it

Ground beef is ideal for keto diets

Ground beef has many advantages when it comes to keto dinners. It’s easy to cook, easy to store, and you can get creative with seasonings, additions, and cooking methods. It does well on the stovetop, in the oven, and in the slow cooker or Instant Pot too.

It really is a nutritional powerhouse. Ground beef offers essential proteins and fats, and contains a wide array of vital nutrients such as iron, B vitamins, magnesium and potassium. It’s rich and satisfying, and almost everyone likes it, including those picky kids.

It also tends to be inexpensive compared to other cuts of beef, so it fits almost every household budget. And when you do stock up, it can last for months in the freezer.

20 Delicious Recipes for Ground Beef

Need a little beefy inspiration? Check out these mouthwatering keto recipes that have ground beef as the main ingredient!

1. Easy Taco Pie

I have been making this taco pie since 2014. It’s one of those things I threw together one day for my hungry family and it became an instant hit. And here we are, years later, and I am still making it exactly the same way.

Easy Taco Pie Recipe

It’s no surprise why keto taco pie is one of my most popular dinner recipes. With a few basic ingredients and 15 minutes of prep work, you’ve got a healthy, crowd-pleasing meal ready to go.


A slice of taco pie on a white plate with slices of avocado. A tomato and some jalapeno in the background.

2. Slow Cooker Keto Meatloaf

Have you ever made keto meatloaf in a slow cooker? Trust me, once you try it, you may never make it any other way again. It’s so tender and juicy, it almost melts in your mouth. 

Slow Cooker Keto Meatloaf Recipe

This is the ultimage keto meatloaf recipe! Super juicy and flavorful, it comes out perfectly every time. And making it in your crockpot means clean up is a snap.


A white platter with keto meatloaf, with a few slices cut into the front.

3. Keto Meatballs

Let me just tell you that these are hands down the best keto meatballs I have ever made. And I’ve made a lot of meatballs in my day! 

Keto Meatballs Recipe

These juicy keto meatballs are perfect for healthy meal prep. Make a big batch and freeze them so that you can enjoy easy keto dinners whenever you need.


A white oval dish filled with keto meatballs for meal prep.

4. Keto Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are really kind of brilliant, when you think about it. The hollow interior of a pepper is the perfect vessel for containing any number of wonderful fillings

Keto Stuffed Peppers Recipe

These keto stuffed peppers are filled with hearty ground beef, ricotta, spinach, and cheese. It’s a fabulous way to enjoy lasagna without all the carbs!


Titled image of keto lasagna stuffed peppers in a white ceramic baking dish.

5. Zucchini Lasagna

Trust me when I say that you need to add this zucchini lasagna to your list of favorite keto dinner recipes as soon as humanly possible. It’s so delicious, so rich and hearty, you won’t miss the pasta at all.

Keto Zucchini Lasagna

This zucchini lasagna is the ultimate keto comfort food recipe. Thinly sliced grilled zucchini layered with creamy ricotta and a hearty meat sauce, and the whole family loves it. Get my tricks for making zucchini lasagna that isn’t watery!


Top down image of zucchini lasagna in a white baking pan.

6. Mexican Cauliflower Rice

This Mexican Cauliflower Rice has been one of my most popular keto dinner recipes for many years now. Even people who swear up, down, and sideways that they don’t like cauliflower enjoy this easy and skillet meal. That includes my own children!

Mexican Cauliflower Rice Recipe

This Mexican Cauliflower Rice is a one pan wonder! It’s an easy keto skillet meal that takes 8 ingredients and only 25 minutes to make. And the whole family loves it.


Close up shot of a pan of Mexican Cauliflower Rice.

7. Keto Italian Wedding Soup

You know that damp cold that chills you to the bone? The temperature might not even be that low, but the dreary, drizzly cold just moves right through you. That’s the kind of weather that screams for this Keto Italian Wedding Soup! 

Keto Italian Wedding Soup Recipe

Chilly weather calls for a nice big bowl of Italian Wedding Soup! This comforting recipe is made with cauliflower rice for a healthier low carb option. Only 3.7g net carbs per serving!


Top down image of a white bowl filled with Italian Wedding Soup.

8. Mini Pepper Nachos

Life is too busy to slave away at the stove every evening. You need easy healthy meals and I do too. That’s where the idea for these fun and healthy keto nachos came in.

Mini Pepper Keto Nachos

Who says nachos have to be made with tortilla chips? Mini peppers are a great alternative for your keto nachos. Delicious, easy, and kid-friendly!


Mini Pepper Keto Nachos on a piece of white parchment paper, with sour cream on top.

9. Stuffed Pepper Skillet

This easy skillet meal takes only about 30 minutes, start to finish. And by replacing the standard rice with riced cauliflower, you’ve turned it into something healthy, hearty, and delicious.

Keto Stuffed Pepper Skillet

Easy unstuffed peppers! This tasty one pan keto dinner recipe is easy to make and full of classic stuffed pepper flavor.


Top down image of keto stuffed pepper skillet in the pan, with tomatoes, onion, and pepper scattered around.

10. Keto Meatball Casserole

This easy keto meatball casserole takes only four ingredients that get layered together in a slow cooker. But the quality of your ingredients matters.

Keto Meatball Casserole

This mouthwatering keto meatball casserole is super cheesy and full of fabulous Italian flavor. Simply throw all of the ingredients together and let your slow cooker do the work for you!


A white plate with keto meatball casserole on top of shiritaki noodles.

11. Keto Korean Beef

You need to drop whatever you’re doing right now and put this keto Korean beef on your menu. And then you need to check your cupboard and make sure you have all the necessary ingredients.

Keto Korean Beef Recipe

This easy Keto Korean Beef is so full of flavor, your tastebuds will sing. It’s a delicious way to serve zucchini noodles, and using ground beef makes it extra fast and easy.


Titled image of a bowl of keto Korean beef with zucchini noodles and chopsticks on the side.

12. Mini Taco Bites

Mini Magic Taco Muffins! These were so popular among both the kids and the adults at a party, I got multiple requests for the recipe. And they’re so easy to make!

Mini Taco Bites

Bite-sized keto tacos! These fun low carb mini muffins make a great healthy, appetizer, snack, or even dinner. Dip them in your favourite low carb salsa. 


Keto Taco Bites - mini taco egg muffins

13. Keto Tamale Pie

This easy keto tamale pie is a wonderful dinner recipe with all the great flavors of real tamales. You won’t miss the corn, I promise! And I’ve given it a little update so now it’s even meatier and lower in carbs.

Keto Tamale Pie

This keto tamale pie is sure to satisfy those Mexican food cravings! Richly seasoned ground beef topped with a grain-free coconut and almond flour crust. And plenty of cheese too! It’s an easy and delicious low carb dinner recipe.


14. Keto French Onion Meatloaf

This is a relatively simple keto meatloaf to make and the most time-consuming part is caramelizing the onions. That’s always a slow process but worth it every time. After that, the rest comes together very quickly.

French Onion Meatloaf

This keto meatloaf recipe is the pinnacle of low carb comfort food, with rich caramelized onions and smothered in Gruyere cheese.


15. Mexican Wedge Salad

This creative wedge salad like the perfect marriage of two delicious keto salad recipes. And trust me, this was met with approval by the whole family. 

Mexican Wedge Salad Recipe

This recipe takes Keto Taco Salad to a whole new level! It features taco-seasoned beef served over a wedge of iceberg, with plenty of fresh and delicious toppings. It’s a crowd pleaser!


Close up shot of a Keto Taco Salad on a black plate.

16. Cheddar Jalapeno Meatballs

There is just so much flavor packed into each meatballs, with a little heat from the jalapeno and a rich cheddar flavor.

Keto Cheddar Jalapeno Meatballs

Flavorful keto meatballs packed with jalapeno and cheddar. These make a fabulous low carb appetizer or main dish.


17. Keto Cheeseburger Casserole

It’s a whole meal in a single pan and it appeals to kids and adults alike. And it got my kids to willingly eat spaghetti squash, which can’t be said about most recipes.

Cheeseburger Spaghetti Squash Casserole

An easy Keto Cheeseburger Casserole recipe with spaghetti squash. This simple skillet casserole is the whole meal in one pan and it’s delicious and filling. Topped with bacon for extra flavour and family appeal!


Cheeseburger spaghetti squash casserole in a skillet

18. Keto Lasagna Skillet

If you’re looking for an easy weeknight meal that has all the flavors of a proper lasagna, THIS is your recipe, my friends.

Keto Skillet Lasagna

This delicious keto lasagna is made extra easy because it’s cooked all in one skillet. And using zucchini instead of noodles makes it super healthy. Your whole low carb meal cooked in one pan. Rich and hearty, and only 4.5g net carbs!


A scoopful of keto skillet lasagna being pulled away from the skillet

19. Keto Chili Mac

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but this keto chili mac is so delightful. 

Keto Chili Mac and Cheese

Keto chili mac and cheese is a delicious comfort food dish made healthy. Swap chopped cauliflower for the pasta for a hearty low carb meal.


A top down photo of keto chili mac in the pot.

20. Keto Shepherd’s Pie

Okay, so technically Shepherd’s Pie is made with lamb. But you can make it with ground beef too, and now you have Cottage Pie!

Keto Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

This Keto Shepherd’s Pie has a cheesy cauliflower topping and a rich, rosemary scented filling. It’s a low carb casserole that lives up to the name comfort food! Hearty and delicious.


A slice of Keto Shepherd's Pie on a black plate.