‘Daily Show’ Guest Host Sarah Silverman Has 3 Questions For Trump

Trump took the stand on Monday, attacking prosecutors with his prolonged and rambling responses and drawing rebukes from the decide, who warned the previous president and latest 2024 Republican candidate that the testimony was not a political rally.

Prosecutors attempted to inquire Trump about his economic statements, but Silverman explained that’s not what she would’ve carried out.

“If I experienced Donald Trump under oath, I would not be squandering time asking about monetary statements. This is my opportunity to uncover out the solutions to every single concern I have had about him at any time,” she mentioned, then available three examples: “Is there a Melania clone? Is there a pee tape? If you experienced to do a ‘Sophie’s Choice’ with one particular of your grownup sons, would it be both?”

See far more in her Monday evening monologue: