Colleen Ballinger Apologizes For 10-Minute Song Denying Grooming Allegations

YouTuber Colleen Ballinger broke her silence months after denying allegations that she “groomed” her supporters in a tune posted to YouTube.

In June, Ballinger responded to allegations from lovers that she “groomed” them with a 10-minute YouTube movie of her playing the ukulele and singing a tune titled “Toxic Gossip Coach,” in which she denied the allegations.

“I know you want me to say that I was 100% in the wrong. Very well, I’m sorry, I’m not gonna consider that route,” she sang in the movie.

In the very first couple minutes of a YouTube video posted on Saturday titled “fall vlogs,” Ballinger described the publish as “really embarrassing” and apologized to fans.

“I was becoming accused of some very terrible issues, and I just was mad. I should have managed that problem with maturity and empathy, but rather, I just permit my ego get about, and I’m definitely let down in myself,” she mentioned.

The tune obtained criticism from lovers and these who came forward with the grooming allegations.

“I’m so delighted for you, Colleen, that you get to make a foolish very little song out of all of this and no repercussions,” former supporter Adam McIntyre, who experienced appear ahead with allegations, reported in a YouTube movie immediately after “Toxic Gossip Train” was posted.

In her newest video, Ballinger acknowledged that there have been moments in her 15-yr-extended profession the place she was “immature and inappropriate with some of my comedy” and “did not set adequate thought into some of my enthusiast interactions.”

Ballinger mentioned, “I am not a excellent man or woman, and there are a good deal of items in my past that I desire I could go again and redo and take care of and adjust.”

She continued, “I do not have handle in excess of any of that, and I don’t have management more than the matters persons say about me. I only have regulate about my actions going forward, and so I’m going to do all the things that I can to make sure that I generate a constructive, form, inclusive, safe house on the web with my information.”

The vlog on Saturday was the very first video Ballinger posted to YouTube because “Toxic Gossip Train.” Subsequent the grooming allegations and the song, the remainder of Ballinger’s tour was canceled.

In her online video on Saturday, Ballinger acknowledged her silence because her past article, explaining that she essential to take time to “make sure I was listening and studying as considerably as possible” and to “get the support that I needed to be Ok.”

She extra, “I never count on to adjust anyone’s mind with this video. I just wished to arrive on here and say that I’m sorry, and I desired to check out to demonstrate persons that it is probable for somebody to increase and master and be much better just after building mistakes numerous, numerous yrs in the past, so that’s what I’m heading to do.”